Why wait for Prime Day? Amazon Echo Show now as low as $100

For me, the Echo Show is no-sale at $229. But $100? Absolutely definitely maybe!

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I’m a big fan of the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, but I never saw much point to the flashiest member of the family, the Echo Show. Who needs a screen? Especially one shoehorned into a dated, unattractive shell?

Most of all, I balked at the $229 price tag. I’m good with the $100 Echo and $50 Echo Dot, thanks.

When Amazon started selling the Echo Show for $130 as the first early Prime Day deal, however, my ears pricked up a little. 

Get the Echo Show for $130

Today, they pricked up a lot: For a limited time, and while supplies last, A4C has the refurbished Amazon Echo Show for $99.99 — definitely the best deal I’ve seen.

Buy a Refurb Echo Show for $100

For the same price as the straight-up Echo, I can get an Echo with a touchscreen and better-sounding speaker? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Just to be clear, these aren’t Amazon-refurbished; they’re A4C-refurbished. That means you get a 90-day warranty, and the “Item may contain minor scratches and/or slight cosmetic defects due to prior usage. However, the display is in perfect condition and, this item has been tested thoroughly and is in perfect working condition.” 

I’m fine with that, but there’s certainly an argument to be made in favor of spending $30 more for a pristine new one. (Update: I just discovered Amazon proper has certified-refurbished Echo Shows for $110, though they won’t be in stock until July 24. So for $10 more, you get a full one-year warranty. Prooobably the smarter buy.) 

Either way, I’m a lot more tempted now. My 1st-gen Echo is the most-used one in the house, and it resides in the kitchen. We use it a lot for music, and I wouldn’t mind an audio upgrade. (In Techhnews’s Echo Show review, Ry Crist described the sound as “surprisingly strong — and, to my ear, noticeably better than the Amazon Echo.”) Meanwhile, a screen for showing recipes? That would indeed be helpful.

And now I’m thinking about one for my parents down in Florida, as video calls are a strong part of the Show’s DNA.

So, yeah, this is really tempting. If you already have an Echo Show, by all means hit the comments and tell me what you like and don’t like.

Bonus deal: Speaking of smart-home stuff, Ebay is once again offering a free Google Home Mini — this time when you spend at least $119. And it just so happens Ebay has a bunch of stuff on sale for exactly $119, including an Asus Zenfone V and a refurbished 1st-gen Apple Watch.

Spend $119 at eBay, get a free Google Home Mini

Bonus deal No. 2: Are you into bird-watching, nature photography or any other activity that would benefit from having a powerful mini-telescope?

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Cosbity (via Amazon) has this 12×50 dual-focus monocular telescope for just $8.99 with promo code LA7B49IQ (tested and verified at 5:15 a.m. PT). It normally sells for $35.95, and it appears many similar (or even identical) ‘scopes run at least $30.

zoom with a view

Equipped with a 50mm lens and 12X optical zoom, the telescope features a one-handed focus wheel, a compass and a tripod. It also comes with a smartphone clip so you can shoot long-range photos and video.

Curiously, there are no product reviews for this particular model, even though Amazon lists it as a “#1 Best Seller.” In any case, the vendor informs me that there are over a thousand available, so it shouldn’t sell out — not right away, anyway.

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