The two Venom post-credits scenes, explained

Venom is a surprisingly fun, tight action flick that doesn’t quite reach the heights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but managed to satisfy this nervous longtime fan of the character. It also has two post-credits scenes to unpack.

Venom is in theatres worldwide now. We’re in major spoiler town here, so hold off if you plan to see the movie in the next couple of days…


The scene in the middle of the credits hints at Carnage, Venom’s spawn and enemy (as depicted here by artist Mark Bagley).

Marvel Comics

Scene 1: The archnemesis

The first scene, which occurs midway through the closing credits, introduces Woody Harrelson in a ridiculous, cheap-looking wig. Apparently, crusading reporter Eddie Brock — secretly still host to the Venom symbiote — is the only person this imprisoned psycho will agree to be interviewed by.

“When I get outta here, and I will, there’s gonna be … carnage,” he tells Eddie, in a bit of foreshadowing that’s about as subtle as biting someone’s head off.

What it means

Although the film doesn’t explain this at all, Harrelson is playing serial killer Cletus Kasady. In the comic, Kasady was Eddie’s cellmate when he was in prison. When the Venom symbiote broke Eddie out, it left its spawn behind and the newborn bonded with Kasady to become Carnage, a murderous monster who believed only in chaos.

There’s no evidence Venom spawned in the movie, neither does the film show Kasady having any connection to Eddie. There’s also no indication any of the other symbiotes survived, so this post-credit scene feels tacked on as it sets up a forced plot thread for a sequel.

Scene 2: ‘Meanwhile in another universe’

The second post-credits scene gives a comic book-style transition into a fun preview for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (which got a new trailer on Tuesday).

We see Miles Morales, that alternate universe’s teen Spider-Man, in a kinetic chase with the Prowler. Then he visits the grave of original Spider-Man Peter Parker.


We get a preview of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Sony Pictures Animation

Miles is surprised by an older Peter and knocks him unconscious with his Venom Blast — one of Miles’ unique powers. He finds that Peter webbed him before getting knocked out, so they’re stuck together as cops happen upon the scene and chase them through the city.

What it means

The preview highlights the animated movie’s humor and comic book style, in addition to revealing Sony’s approach to its slate of Spider-Man Universe movies (which will be completely separate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

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