Google made an ASMR video about switching to a Pixel, and it’s stressing me out

You can switch from your old phone to a new Google Pixel, or you can close your eyes, breathe, and then mindfully switch to a new Google Pixel. Sorry, I’m trying to force myself into the higher plane of existence that the narrator of this new ad-meets-ASMR meditation session from Google is on, and the edibles haven’t kicked in yet.

The video above guides you through the process of getting all of your data onto a new Pixel, with meditative advice laid atop a slideshow of gorgeous vistas. It’s relaxing at first, but don’t take it too seriously. The chill vibes eventually give way to a cutting line of existential dread that then pivots the video completely into cringey meme territory.

Just a snippet of one-liners from the video to quickly get you in the zone in case you don’t have time to watch.

What follows is a lightly edited transcript of The Verge’s Slack after editor Chris Welch pasted in the link with the ever-appropriate reaction “…what.”

Me: this is actually very stressful

Chaim Gartenberg: friiiiiiiiiiday

Chaim: powerful friday brand energy

Chaim: also we should 1000 percent tldr this

Sean O’Kane: cameron you’re right there is something really stressful about this lol

Mitchell Clark: What is this

Sean: I’ll have what google’s having

Chris Welch: is that…. God.

Unconfirmed: God may have appeared in this Google Pixel ad.

Me: bruh…maybe…

Dan Seifert: big palm pre commercial vibes


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