Fortnite season 6 is coming Thursday: Here’s what we know so far

Epic Games

The official launch date for Fortnite Season 6 is Thursday, Sept, 27, but at this point we only have a few bits of info for what’s actually coming to the game. Epic Games posted season 6 teaser images to Twitter on Monday and Tuesday and some early patch notes that detail various upcoming audio enhancements to the game. 

During an Inside Xbox livestream Tuesday, Epic community manager Nathan Mooney mentioned season 6 would include “new places,” strongly suggesting that Fortnite’s tradition of changing its map with a new season would continue. That same event also revealed an upcoming Xbox One S bundle that comes with a bevy of Fortnite items and v-bucks. 

But Epic’s silence outside of those details has spurred endless speculation from fans wondering what the next season has in store. None of this speculation is concrete, aside from it being safe to assume something is happening with Loot Lake’s gelatinous jumping surface.

New map areas confirmed

At an Inside Xbox event Tuesday that mostly revolved around upcoming racing title, Forza 4, Epic Games community manager Nathan Moony sat down with the Inside Xbox crew for an interview. While it was mostly information about the game that’s already widely known, in a response to a Twitter user asking what we can expect for season 6, Moony admitted that with every season there are new areas to explore, new weapons, and new activities to check out. While it was a fairly vague response, it is the first official confirmation of new areas coming to the Fortnite map.

Season 6’s teaser tweets

Here’s what Epic Games released as its first teaser Monday on Twitter, saying “All great parties need a DJ.”

And here’s Tuesday’s post, with the words “Saddle up!”  

From the first image we can tell that’s definitely a llama, Epic’s unofficial mascot for the game, and from the text posted, we know it’s now some kind of DJ and it seems to be inside the fabled Fortnite cube. There’s a potential this DJ llama could be a new skin. 

The second tweet has the same purple cube background as the first, but this time shows a masked hero that looks like it has some kind of wild west theme. The text — “Saddle up!” — might mean horses are being added to Fortnite’s small selection of vehicles, but that could be a stretch. Epic will likely post more teasers (that are hopefully less vague) in the next couple of days leading up to the start of season 6, so check back here for more clues daily. 

Season 6’s patch notes

The v6.0 patch notes released Friday do give us some idea of changes to Fortnite’s audio, but not much beyond that. From the notes, footstep sounds will make it easier to differentiate when people are above or below you. Epic says you’ll also be able to pinpoint where they’re coming from more easily even when there’s gunfire and other sounds nearby.

The company is also working on making it easier to figure out where people are flying with gliders, with sounds it describes as a “car passing by” effect. You’ll also be able to hear when someone’s glider opens or closes from farther away, giving you greater environmental awareness. Grenades and missile weapons will have unique and pronounced sounds so you can tell what’s flying in your vicinity. 

All of these tweaks are welcome, but any more significant gameplay changes, or updates to the game’s map and environment, are still a mystery. Check back here as we get more clues from Epic in the coming days and get ready for season 6.

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