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The $30 Wyze Cam Pan has a motorized base and 6-foot power cord.

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Greetings, cheeps! I’m engaging in a little time travel today: I wrote this post way back in June, before embarking on my vacation. Hope you’re all doing well — I’m looking forward to returning to Cheapskate duty this Monday, July 9.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my favorite perennial deals — items that are a steal every day, no coupon code required. Many of these will be familiar to regular readers, but they bear repeating because, well, they’re excellent products at unbeatable prices.

The best cheap drone


That little mouse-like puck is actually the remote for this friendly flier.


Whether for yourself or as a gift, the GoolRC T100 is the single best drone under $20. In fact, at this writing, it’s priced at just $16.99 — though it’s been as high as $30 and was even $8 for one brief, shining moment. Bottom line: The price fluctuates a lot, but even at $20 or $25 it’s worth it.

give it a hand

Why this drone over countless others? Simple: It relies on an accelerometer-powered, mouse-like handheld remote. Tilt your hand forward, the drone flies forward. Tilt left, it banks left. This is not only great for novices but also just really fun.

The T100 is fine for indoors because it has a blade guard, but you could also fly it outdoors on a calm day. 

The best cheap phone accessory


The Ninja Loop is still the best $5 you can spend on your phone.

Geneze Innovation Inc.

How often has your phone slipped out of your hand and hit the pavement? If the answer is any more than zero times, you need the Ninja Loop. Yeah, yeah: I like this product so much, I should marry it.


Unlike pretty much every other phone-grip accessory, this one adds no weight, bulk or thickness. Your phone can still sit flat when you lay it down, still charge on a wireless charger and even still work with a magnetic car mount.

That’s because it’s a simple strap that loops around the back of your case, allowing you to slide a few fingers in for much easier and more comfortable phone-gripping. I’ve gifted a bunch of these — people absolutely love them. And so do I.

The Ninja Loop is available in a variety of colors and styles, and costs just $5.

The best cheap password manager

You must use a password manager. You must. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll listen to this guy:


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This free password manager offers one crucial feature


OK, not into video? The password manager in question is LastPass, and it stands just a hair above countless other free ones by offering one crucial feature: password syncing.

Don’t pass this up

The best cheap home-security camera

Finally, a relative newcomer to my list of perennial best deals. The Wyze Cam Pan sounds way too good to be true; most people I show it to are stunned when I reveal the price.

Pans across America

The Pan is a Wi-Fi camera designed for home security and monitoring. It streams (and, as needed, records) live HD video, supports two-way audio, detects motion, works at night and, true to its name, pans up, down and all around.

This is actually the successor to the original Wyze Cam, which offers all the same features save for panning. It was an unbeatable bargain at $20, but the Pan is arguably even more unbeatable at $30.

OK, cheeps! That’s it for me. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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